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Big Girl Money

Feb 28, 2019

Lose that extra 180 pounds this summer by shedding that bonehead boss! This episode we share your jaw-dropping stories about horrible bosses as well as our own. We also cover how to be the best boss possible for your current or future employees. Lastly, we'll also talk about some updates with Wendy's health, cover our...

Feb 21, 2019

Today's episode features an intimate conversation with Angela Tucci, CEO of Apto, the industry’s leading CRM and deal management software for commercial real estate brokers. We talk about her successful climb to the C-Suite, how her sexuality has impacted her professional life, and how the “thing” you’re...

Feb 7, 2019

On today's episode, we talk to CTO and gender intelligent leader Michael Frendo. We discuss how to get more women interested in STEM careers at an early age, how tech companies can attract and retain female talent, finding your passion and many other topics! Thanks for listening!